Posted by: Mayu | July 18, 2010

Whose fish is the biggest?

On Sunday late morning I had some time left and went to Erin’s town Kealse 🙂
Aww, such a beautiful entrance! I like the nice pattern mix on ground ^^

Tamara also welcomed me, hii, nice to meet you again ^^. Erin is still the cute anime eyed girl right of me 🙂

And that’s a new friend for me: Frosty from Australia.
Nice to mee you finally! 😀

We had a fishing contest, we were looking for the biggest fish we can catch.

Yay, not a bad catch! An ocean sunfish is always good 😉

Tadaa all showing off their catch. The Marlin of Frosty looks even bigger in height, so I think she has won the contest 😉

After that I invited them all to come to Mitsukyo. Here I was chit-chatting with Tamara and Erin.

Yay Erin caught a jewel beetle, such a pretty bug! And we get tanner and tanner every day now, it’s really cool! ^^

Here you can see our tan much better, can you also tell who is left and right of me? They really look similar 😉



  1. Her town looks beautiful and yours to mayu
    hope i can come soon when my wifi works 🙂

  2. geil, ein marlin and ein Mondfisch 😀

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