Posted by: Mayu | July 16, 2010

Where are the shopping carts in Nookingtons?

Argh, sorry for the delay of updating my blog again. 😦 I really wish I had more time to spend on my blog and to play with you but it’s getting more and more difficult to handle with those 😉 . On the one side I love to play with you but on the other side I also want to report about our meetings and show you my photos I’ve taken, but it always takes soo long lol! So please bear with me when I’m not posting that often like I used to 😉

Ok so back to last Friday, I met up Rory and Rebecca in my town ^^:

Rory and me at Able sisters, I’ve just found this nice soldier helmet here lol.

And Rebecca hit the wooden sign like mad 😛

Hee hee look at her almost broken axe, she really looks wild!! 😛

Then Rory opened her gates, Rebecca couldn’t come anymore as she was busy, but Daniel from Oakville visited Rory, too.

And Vivien dropped by, woooot! Oh, it was also the first day of tanning season, can you see Rory’s and my ‘slight’ tan on this pic? :mrgreen:
Even Daniel looks tanner than Vivien 😉

Haha those are cute ghost patterns Rory xD

Hiii, N♥♥k! The Nookway Nook isn’t bad either 😉

And the shopping carts look so good!! I wonder why Nookingtons doesn’t have it anymore, I mean it’s even bigger than Nookway? xP

Then we went fishing. Daniel used his new AR to fly over the sea lol.

And he cheated a coelacanth in front of my feet (the leaf one) and a tarantula at the left of it. Normally you wouldn’t see them like this, it’s only possible by cheating 😉

While Vivien was offline I sneaked a pic of her 😛

Standing together with Rory at my favourite spot of St. Jimmy, the wonderful rose garden 😀

Thanks for the fun@ all ^^



  1. So..where is your AR broken daniel?
    Stop blaming Sean.
    I lvoe the title Mayu (:

    • You’re right! Daniel, you lied again, you use AR!! For sure!!
      I’m really disappointed of that, can you believe it? 😦
      You promised to behave better after you seeded me (and you admitted that if you remember!) and now you still are lieing about your ‘broken AR’ and that you can’t seed. 😕
      Sorry Daniel/Damian, but I’m not that naive like you might think of me, the chance to mess around with my friends will be over!
      From now on your comments will be moderated and I would suggest to find other ACWW friends on other sites, but not on mine anymore.

      • Wow, you really let it out Mayu!

        Good for you!

        I hope he finds more friends, but to not seed them. He’ll never find friends if he continues this 😦

        But you are quite right!

        Where is your AR broken Daniel?

  2. lol, i don’t have AR and i’ve still caught a tarantula… It was weird, and it didn’t even see me coming because i sneaked up on it and then i caught it without it chasing it me all over the place as to when i saw a scorpion but i had my net so it came chasing after me and got me!!! lols!!!! 🙂 xD 🙂 So yeah, haven’t played with you in a long time!!! Miss you ( in AC:WW. ) and Tammie, she had given me a water pattern and 2 hybrids and even a jacbobbds ladder. ( idk on spelling, im not that good, i got like a c+ in that subjcet.) Well, g2g, byes!!!!!

    • wana wifi i really am bored no is avalible 2 wifi r u

  3. yes im crazy X3

    • why r u crazy

      • look on the 2 and 3 pic X3

        • oh lo0l wanna connect plz i have no ar my ifo is in your fcs wats yours

          • Rebecca Sunnset 0045-5210-6022

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