Posted by: Mayu | July 13, 2010

Whack, whack, whack, Jenny is back!

Tuesday evening I was able to play with my adult friends again, yoohooo! XD

I’ve found Meow’s gates open and of course I had to pay her a visit! 😀
Haha froggy tattoo on your breast, Meow? 😛 (this shirt colour looks like naked skin to me xP)

While I explored her town I’ve found these huge amount of identified and unidentified fossils in front of her museum :o. Oh wow, I don’t dig them every day out of the ground, I HATE it to let them identify by Blathers just to make a good profit xP. His talkative way for every fossil is too much for me 😛

But as I can see, Tangy still hasn’t lost interest in fossils… -.-‘ She was asking me for another one, so I think you’ll still be very busy in finding fossils for her, Meow xD 😆

Then Jenny came for a visit! YAAAY! We soon started our traditional whacking greeting ceremony :mrgreen: She has been in China for holidays and it was good to see her again 🙂 . We talked a lot about the cute Pandas they have there, awww xD

Not that cute like a panda, but I was pleased about this Arowana 😀

And yay, my first goliath beetle of summer 2010! ^^
I just love summer with all the great bugs and fish 😀
Hope to see you both soon again!!!



  1. Hi Mayu!! Yep, it’s me, Emily!!! I had to get a new game because my old one was counterfeit, so now I’ve got another new town!!! I decided that I missed my old town of Rockstar so much, that I might as well name my new town that!!! I don’t have a new friend code quite yet because we’re still trying to figure out what our new WEP KEY is since our WI-FI went bad so long ago. Well, just thought I’d let you know,byes!!

    Emily From The Old Rockstar

    AKA Rocker3

    • Woohoo that are good news! Hopefully we can Wifi again soon! 😀

  2. huhu, wifi can be tricky like that!

    • Hey Fidelity, is it ok if i add you on my roster so we can wifi sometime???

      • Okay But i must warn you, I wont have wifi until AUGUST!! :O

        • that sucks why i was about to ask u to play

  3. Hi! Mayu, your chara Miki is named the same as a japanese volcaloid singer!!

    • Actually, Vocaloid Hatune Miku is her name 😀 I am listing to Vocaloid right now 😀

      • Im talking about another one, im pretty sure shes in the vocaloid band….
        Her name is Miki and she has orange pigtails.

    • Wasn’t it Miku Hatsune? ^^

      • No theres more than just her, and ones Miki and she looks like your chara Miki with the pigtails! Not Miku Hatsune!

        • Ahh now I understand 😀


    Rory has been seeded I repeat Rory has been seeded. She had to restart and his name is Daniel from Oakville I whitnessed all of it and I am Luke from Mbro. When he came in Rory and daniel started arguing and then they became friends again then he said to save and then that’s when it happened… Wifi lagged then crashed and then I got private thread from Rory on acc saying she had been seeded ad had to restart. That’s why I’m saying all this. This message is a warning telling u about Daniel the seeder!

    • Im not! Luke is the seeder!! He seeded me 4 times! Maybe now you people will belive me!! I repeat: HE IS A SEEDER

      • Ok stop it Daniel Stop blaming Sean! Just stop!

        • wanna come over my town i feel sad you got seede hope you make another great town

          • Hii It wasnt Sean dont worry, buh be carefull when people with AR ask you to save or any other people cause the might have seeds. Just be carefull and nothing will happen to you
            and yes sure^^

            • wats you info min is in your fcs

      • r u sure i am suspeciouse to let anyone in my town

        • Me too…… lol but not about Sean and Daniel….

          • Or Damian or whatever he prefers….

            • hi want to connect plzzmy info in your fcs

              • wow, lots of drama

  5. Hi mayu guess what the best thing happend today —i got my new router so i can wifi with u now and ur freinds my mum and dad have got to set it up so when its all set up il leave my freind mum will try to be fast at gettin it all set up so looking to have some fun with u all 🙂

    • Yay, hopefully she’ll be succesful soon! ^^
      I’m looking forward to our meeting 😀

  6. Mayu its me ryan how r u guess what ive got a new router but i need the wep key and the settings set up so ill be wifin soon il post my info on here when i get my router working so hope to see u all soon 🙂

    • Hey, that are good news ryan! 😀
      Hope to see you soon ^^



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