Posted by: Mayu | July 13, 2010

Nici, Rory and my new friend Shelly from Seashell

Today I hoped to see someone coming to my town again at 11AM so I opened my gates:

And Nici came! Aww haven’t seen you in ages!! 😀

Followed by Rory, woohoo! But… then Wifi crashed and as I also had a phone call that let me a little down with my mood (not serious, don’t worry) I didn’t reopened later again, I’m sorry about it 😳

But in the afternoon I felt like playing again and I’ve met a nice girl called Shelly in my chatroom ^^. So I invited her to come to Mitsukyo 🙂

Hahaha! I laughed when I saw her coming through the gates because she had the same outfit like me by accident XDD 😆

We chit-chatted a lot and when she saw everything in Mitsukyo we headed over to her town Seashell.

The town is still really new and all the new baby palm trees look cute at the beach :3

Next to her house I was able to drop all items for Daniel, who has left these 2 weeks ago in my town as he wanted to restart his town. But he hasn’t fetched it all yet and as Shelly is going to see him soon she allowed me to put all the stuff there. 😉 Thanks a lot Shelly I hope Daniel has already fetched his things lol.

Germany is going to have the hottest July for more than 110 years so every coolness was welcomed! Yay, a fan! xD

Hee hee, the room looks totally different when she put a clover pattern as wallpaper and carpet in it xD. Niiice! :mrgreen: Our yellow shirts stands really out now xD

Being in camouflage mode! 😛

Spoken of camouflage, my former neighbour Camofrog moved to Seashell.
And he still has got Yuki’s bikini pattern on, hahahah! 😆 Weird frog!! 😛

Thanks for reading 😉



  1. oO Camofrog?? WEARING A BIKINI???

  2. lol ^^ Elvis wearing a pattern of my chara Hana

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