Posted by: Mayu | July 12, 2010

Sheer lunacy in St. Jimmy!

I had such a lovely chat in my chatroom with Erin, Rory, Hannah and Tammie(but she can’t Wifi) and soon we decided to visit each other:

The cute button eyes is of Erin and the stylish self-designed-town-flag-shirt-wearing-girl is Rory 😉 . Hi you two! ^^

Hee hee, I just love the shy emotion, I still have it in my emotion cycle too :).

And Tamara came for a visit, woohoo!! :mrgreen:

We soon went to Rory’s town St. Jimmy, Miriam was also there 😀

Ahh Green Day patterns, very neat! EEEEK, all band members are looking under my skirt!! 👿 😆

Rory worked hard for her town. She planted with help of her friends several palm trees in a row…

… and also this peach orchard is very cool xD. Can you spot Rory there? 😉

When I checked the environment Phyllis said to my surprise:
“It’s incredible! St. Jimmy is sheer lunacy!”
Heeey, that means you’ve got a perfect town, Rory!!!

She was also very surprised and we all gathered together to celebrate it.
Aww man, I’ve never seen my Happy-Flower-Emotion that sad!!! xDD 😳

Haha, I visited Goose and he’s wearing another arrow shirt. Wasn’t he wearing the UP Here Shirt last time, too? 😉

Miriam had to go and Becci came instead, yay! 😀

I had such a lot of fun, thanks for having me, Rory! ^^



  1. Thanks for all your help with my town my town still perfect yay 😀
    ty ty ty ty!

    • Yay that’s great! And you did all the hard work, I just brought some flowers xD

  2. you brought milions of flowers!!!!!!! ty!! :mrgreen:

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