Posted by: Mayu | July 12, 2010

Fan Art by Tammie

Yay, I got another cute Fan art! ^^
This time Tammie sent me a picture of her chara with an Animal Crossing Shirt 😀 .
The Manga-styled eyes looks great, you put a lot of effort in it! 🙂
I just wish the outlines could have been better seen on this pic, I tried to improve it with help of GIMP but can’t do it better.
Anyone who is good in picture editing can maybe help me to see those lines better? 😉
Anyway, thanks a LOT for this wonderful Fan Art, Tammie! 😀

When you click on this pic, you’ll see the original photo Tammie sent to me.



  1. yay! 😀

    • Hiya Im Erin Was that u who Drew That Because thats amazing 😀

      • Yes, it’s her! ^^ Thanks again, Tammie 😀

  2. hi, you did really good, i like it a lot!!!!!! o and i now have three hybrids because i got a purple rose so yeahs…. lolz. g2g, byes!!!

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