Posted by: Mayu | July 12, 2010

Did you know… (part 34: Bulletin Board pins)

Last week acwwfan2410 told me about something I also didn’t know yet. She wrote:

Hallo Mayu!
Ich hab ein ACWW-Geheimnis entdeckt. Am Schwarzen Brett sind die Nachrichten doch immer mit Pinnnadeln befestigt. Wenn eine neue Nachricht hinzukommt, die man noch nicht gelesen hat, ist die Pinnnadel GRÜN. Wenn man die
Nachricht schon einmal gelesen hat, dann ist die Pinnadel ROT. Ich hoffe, das wusstest du noch nicht. Es stimmt aber wirklich. Du kannst e selbst nachprüfen. Du kannst ja davon mal Fotos machen und einen Bericht schreiben. (war nur eine Idee)

translated like:
‘I’ve discovered another ACWW secret. You know that the messages on the bulletin board are always pinned up, right? When a new message is there, the pins are GREEN, the ones you’ve already read once are RED. I hope you didn’t know that. But it’s true. You can check it. Maybe you can do photos of it and write a report (that’s just an idea)’

Whoa!! 😯 That really shocked me, because I never noticed that XDD.

So let me check it out: 😉

Ok, here I am at the bulletin board. It’s a new morning and I think there must be some new messages on there 😀

Right!! 😮 It’s green! Amazing!!

And yes, I remember that I’ve already read this one. This pin is really red! 😀

Haha when I look more into the past I’ve noticed that there are still some messages which I haven’t read with Mayu yet xDD.

So it’s really true! THANKS SO MUCH for this wonderful secret, acwwfan2410!!



  1. der report ist ja toll geworden.

  2. thats so cool!

    • Yeah I no I never Noticed?
      Hi Kenzie im Erin I was wondering if you would like to Wi-Fi?
      Sometime or if u have Wi-Fi?
      If you do could you please add me

      Town Kelsae
      Name Erin
      My Frind Code 0475-5208-8564
      please add Me 😉 😀

  3. i’ll try it!

  4. BTW I never Even Niticed the pin XD

  5. Haha, no wonder I could never find a green pin after I changed the screen ! o0 I never knew what it meant though ! Thats really cool!

    • Julie whats ur info?

      • You can find my FC on my oldd blog; 😉 I dont use this blog anymore, but my FC is updated and there if anyone has to re add me 🙂 (Its under the “Our FC’s” tab)

        • OK thanks Ive added you when do u want to Wi-Fi??

  6. Awesome!!

  7. :O i never noticed that! that’s really cool. 😀

  8. Cool! I never saw that!

  9. oh and did you know that boy charas, when the bobbers is in the water, hold the fishing rod w/ both hands, but girls hold it with one?

    • i don’t think so. i’ve checked it and both hold the rod with one hand. only when you press a in order to get the fish, both hold the rod with both hands.

  10. That’s neat!!! I’ll have to check that out the next time I play WW…

  11. Lol, I noticed that AGGEEES ago 😛

    • Hee hee, you really are a good observer 😉

  12. Wowza, didn’t know that! xD That’s awesome ;D

  13. Woow thats so cool about the pin i never noticed but i knew they change colors

  14. Wow, that is so cool! I never knew that!

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