Posted by: Mayu | July 7, 2010

Beautiful patterns and visiting St. Jimmy

I had great fun with my younger ACWW friends again this morning ^^. I promised to open my gates at 11AM, but as no one came I looked for open gates instead and found Becci’s gates 😀

Haha you two look so nice!! Becci is the one with glasses and right of me is Rory 😉

Whoa! What a cute froggy pattern! Haha I loved the way it looks out of the small pond x3

And this also looks gorgeous!! 😮 You’re such a talented pattern maker Becci! 😀

That’s a good summer pic!! :mrgreen:

I also admired the picnic area! 🙂 But then Wifi suddenly crashed, meh! 👿

Well, I opened my gates this time and Rory and Becci, but also Tamara with the button hat visited me, yay! We didn’t stay for long as Rory invited us to come to her town to get to know her friend Miriam ^^

So we all travelled to St. Jimmy. Cool flag, Rory!!

And that’s her friend Miriam! Nice to meet you! 😀

I watched TV in Rory’s house… well… I tried too, but the TV is soooo small! 🙄

That didn’t help much either XDD 😛

Rory was working busily for a perfect town and needed flowers. I brought her all my normal spare flowers from my town. All in all I brought around 75 flowers XD. But I’m glad that I have free space behind my townhall again where I used to place all the spare flowers 😉 . I don’t like watering that much 😛

A last pic before I had to prepare lunch, cheeese! 😀 Haha Miriam was a little tired I guess 😉

Thanks for the fun girls!!! d(^-^)b



  1. Those are great pics, Mayu!!! I just love how colorful all the AC pics are in the summer time!!! & I adore her picnic area! I may have to make an area like that for my town 😉

    • Thanks Mandy! 😀 Summer is really the most beautiful season in ACWW I also love it! 🙂

  2. Is the grenade flag Green Day’s logo? I think St Jimmy is one of their songs…I love green day 😀

    • Join the club :mrgreen: 😀

  3. LOL I know Miriam and Rory!!

    • True x)

  4. I looooovve the pond with the palm tree in the middle!

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