Posted by: Mayu | July 6, 2010

A very few pics of the evening

Hi all, before I forget these pics I think I have to show them to you at least, although I haven’t taken much photos that evening >.<

I had some time to play in the evening. But it was an evening with loads of Wifi problems again. Either I couldn't go outside or people couldn't get in or Wifi just crashed, it was really bad.

But I’ve got a picture of Erin :). It’s her brandnew character because she was bricked the other day and had to buy a new ACWW game 😦 . Her new town is called Kealse, so please remember to add her back 😉

Such cute anime eyes! She filled her pockets full of missing fruits and hybrids, she was really happy to get them 🙂

Later on Rory also got finally through (she had the same error codes like me before)…

…but also Becci in this pretty bikini! 😀

My spare hybrid garden is finally almost empty again thanks to Erin 😉 . I offered the rest to Becci as it would suit her very much and after that I suddenly had to quit playing as I was busy at home again.
Sorry for the lack of photos, I’ll try to take more next time 😉



  1. Hi Mayu!!! Sorry I haven’t been quite able to play over WI_FI because I still don’t have a new WEP KEY. So, and I got ( in hybrids!!! ) 2 orange cosmos, 1 black Tulip, & 1 purple Rose!!!! That’s all I’ve got so far. Oh, and I’ve gotten a bigger house!!! Tammie came over to my house, ( she lives really close.) and she’s like really rich because she’s got Action Replay, so her weeds, turns into bells, so she helped me pick weeds in my town, and she even gave me a ton of bells to help pay off my mortage!! So now I have 2 Floors, and 1 Side room!!!! I need to charge my camera because right before i could post any pictures, the battery went out of power!!! But, I’m gonna be charging it today, so I might be able to post the pictures by tomorrow. HOPE I CAN GET MY WEP KEY!!! Rocker3.

    • Great that Tammie helped you a lot ^^. And congrats for your bigger house I know how difficult it was at the beginning to save such a lot of money >.<
      And yes, fingers crossed that Wifi will work soon again 🙂

  2. Oh, and mayu, how do you change the little picture. like the one that I’ve got right now, the one with all the penciles?? how do u change them???

    • Just go to ‘My Account’ then ‘Edit Profile’ there you can upload an image as an gravatar ^^

  3. if yours is empty she can come to mine

  4. Hii Mayu Ik that this is kinda spam but here it is:
    Ppl please (PLEASE!!!!) vote for Green Day!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    pleaseee (:


    • Click on Pun Rock Thank you

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