Posted by: Mayu | July 5, 2010

New friends and nice pranks!

Oh I had such a lot of fun again this morning and that’s what happened in Mitsukyo today:

I opened around 11.30AM as I hoped for kelsey to come over. But the very first visitor was Elo!! Hii!! Aww you’ve got such a cute selfdesigned dress! 😮

Then luckily Kelsey from Anamilia was there! Welcome!! 😀 You also know her as Tangy_Lover from my blog ^^

I was also happy to see you Kelsey x3

Just when we talked on the bridge someone else was coming (that’s why this picture looks so weird lol)

And it’s another new friend: Tamara from TeeCity! 😀 Also known as Tammy ^^
Welcome to you too 😀

I’ve shown them my spare hybrid area and the really enjoyed it here 🙂 . You both look so cute on this pic ^^

Haha, also a pretty one.

Together with my new friends we explored my town. The cactus in Yuka’s house is still very dark…

Chit-chatting in Puddles house 🙂

When Elo had to go, Rory came instead, wooooot!

Lol, we both caught an ocean sunfish earlier and showed them off here XD.

Having a net fight is always fun :mrgreen: Oh Rory is offline now, I think I shall show my new friends what will happen when you’re going to be offline and you don’t shut your lid of the DS…

First I needed space in my pocket… bye bye Red Snapper!

Bye bye Ocean sunfish xP! I hope it’s not too crowded in the pond now 😆

After going to Booker and asking for some pitfalls I prepared some traps in front of Rory…

LOL! I always like those strugglings! xDD

Uhhh scary! An angry Rory is jumping out of the hole 😛

Now it was Tamara’s turn 😛 :mrgreen: Push! Push!

Haha as you can see it’s BIG fun!! xDDD A big sorry and thank you to Rory who unintentionally entertained us a lot 😉

Thanks for all your visit, it was indeed a wonderful morning, hope to see you soon again! 😀

PS: Tamara also reported about this visit on her blog, it’s in Dutch but I think when you use Google translator you can understand it as well ^^
Here’s the link:
Tamara in Mitsukyo

Here it’s translated to English with help of google:
Tamara in Mitsukyo translated


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