Posted by: Mayu | July 1, 2010

A morning in Lumirin

Another morning where I’ve met Alfie ^^. This time I went to his town Lumirin:

He has restarted his town a few days ago and I was curious how his house looks like ^^

Haha it’s cluttered xP. But it’s great to see Mr. Hammerhead and Mr. Red Snapper again 😉

You can’t take a good picture of the room when you only are able to stand in this corner xD

We chit-chatted a while in the rain and then I started to stroll over his town.

Alfie’s town is really nice, the small island reminds me of his golden rose island he also had in his old town Leaftown 😉

Everyone was still asleep in Lumirin, just Daisy has been awake 😉

His town had no palm trees yet so I brought him a full load. Summer without palm trees is only half of fun!! He’ll miss all the huge bugs in this game 😛

Thanks for opening your gates, Alfie 😉



  1. Lol Rory looks funny jumping out of the hole:)

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