Posted by: Mayu | June 30, 2010

Going fishing with my old friend Alfie

Oh what a day! I’ve met my old ACWW friend Alfie again! 😀 It has been always great fun with him and I looked really forward to meet him up again ^^.

Early in the morning we’ve set up a date and here he is: Alfieeeee!!! 😀 😀

As my shops weren’t open yet we decided to catch some fish ^^

Oh Alfie saw a finned fish! 😮

Whoooop! Yay a hammerhead shark! 😀

Haha now we have Mr. & Mrs. Hammerhead 😉

And the couple red snapper :mrgreen:

Finally Nook was open and Alfie bought all tools from there as he only had the rod yet. He started a brandnew town recently 😉

Then Elo joined us, hiii! 😀

Alfie after the hairchange 🙂

And soon we had to party over, because he had to go to school in real life and Elo and me have been busy, too.

That was such a lot of fun, thanks a lot! 😀


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