Posted by: Mayu | June 29, 2010

Weird coloured cactus

Yay, I’ve met Meow again! ^^ It’s really a pity, that I don’t have that much time to play anymore, I realise that I really miss my friends 😦

But today we were both online again, so let’s have fun! 😉

Today Meow was a Hotdog Queen! 😆 Neat outfit! 🙂 First I was in her town Funky.

There we’ve visited all her neighbours and then we headed over to my town to do the same there.

We’ve found this weird cactus in Yuka’s house oO. This colour is soo dark, I wonder why it looks like that!! 😯 Normally that cactus has this colour:

Maybe it’s because it stands at the very right corner? Really interesting 😛

Lol!! While I had a conversation with Baabara, Meow relaxed on the toilet XDD 😆

And someone gave red tons to my neighbours as presents! oO Not only Bianca has it but also Vesta. It looks kinda dangerous xP!

Even the prettiest arowana doesn’t look good next to the garbage 😛

But I love his teeth!! 😀 ^^

See you soon again, dear Meow, I enjoyed this evening ^^


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