Posted by: Mayu | June 29, 2010

Two bikini girls in Minztal

*cough cough, what a dust here* An almost dead character has been revived! 😀

Today I was able….

…to play with Haru again!! xDD YAY! lol!
She’s my most inactive chara at the moment as I only wake her up to empty her letter box every month, because no one of the old German board is playing ACWW at the moment like they used to have a year (or maybe 2) ago 😉
So I was really glad when I heard from Maggie that she’s back to ACWW again! 😀
And we set up a date for this morning:

Yay, Maggie, so nice to see you again! 😀 We haven’t met like over an year oO . But it’s great to see my old friends again ^^

We strolled over my town…

…and I offered her to pick any of my spare flowers which she happily did ^^

Then we had a tour through my house. This is my first ever completed theme, the exotic themed room 🙂

My ‘Yellow-makes-you-crazy’ room which I always hear from the neighbours and I always wanted to try it out :P.

After that she explored my town at her own as I had some work to do at home in real life but 10 minutes later I asked her to open her town Minztal instead and soon we popped over:

Yay, it’s great to be in Minztal again! 😀 Maggie was very busy to pick all the weeds there and everything looked clean but also without flowers again.

But I was so wrong! XD Look! She has collected all those flowers from Nook the past few days and this meadow is just beautiful!!! 😮

I laughed about the woolen hat at Ables! Hey, haven’t you noticed it yet? It’s summer!! 🙄 😛

We visited Bob. He had some noisy gyroids in his house, the very left one looks like he’s drooling xP

Uh oh, the weather forecast is saying it’s going to rain tomorrow in Minztal 😛 . Well, no need to water the flowers, it isn’t that bad 😉

Aww Maggie also has Cube in her town! We played the ‘I love you’ – ‘I love you not’ game and of course I knew the right answers that he fell in love with me 😆 😉

This was a wonderful morning, thanks a lot Maggie!
And yaaay, we’re well prepared for summer!! 😀 😀

PS: To read her report about this day, please visit: 🙂



  1. Hi Mayu! I would love to connect wirelessly with you.
    you can e-mail me your friend code etc.

    My characters name is Violet or Cath (usually i go on Violet), My town is called Aurora and my friend code is 240790268382

    • Hi Cathy, nice to meet you ^^
      I’ll add you with Miki, please add her FC: 2922-0581-5572, town Mitsukyo

  2. please connect with me

  3. diese stadt ist ja cool. und die ganzen blumen O.O wow. und eure bikinis sind auch toll. einfach klasse!

  4. Hey, der Bericht ist ja toll geworden 🙂
    Ich schreib meinen heute 😛

    Ich hoffe, wir können uns mal wieder treffen ^^

    Lg, maggie (:

    Ps. Kann ich auf meinen Blog einen Link von deinem Bericht stellen ?

    • Ja klar kannst du das, ich mach das dann mal auch ^^

  5. Awww, her flower meadow is gorgeous!!! I love all the different flowers & colors mixed together like that…pretty pretty!!!

  6. what was in her hair? its really nice and id like one. was it a white turnip???

    • YAZZ ITS A jacobs ladder its a wild flower it grows when u have a perfect town !

      • really? thats so cool! thanks for telling me, you see ive never had a perfect town 😥 if you now any get-a-perfect-town tips anyone, please tell me

        • Yes i have lots but ill tell you the most important one its keep your trees even and Have a Path! dont put your trees all over the place keep them in order and throgh a money tree in some were

          • If you look on FAQ mayu explains how to get a perfect town 😀 xxx

  7. […] So, und hier ist noch der Link zu Mayu’s Bericht. er ist klasse :* […]

  8. Hey, the posting is very helpful in my opinion. I will keep an eye on your blog. Please do update.

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