Posted by: Mayu | June 28, 2010

Rory and new friend Samantha

When I opened my gates this evening Rory came through as my first visitor ^^

Hii Rory! You might haven’t noticed it, but it’s a brandnew Rory. And you know why? Because she was seeded by someone I don’t know but Rory knows very well, because the same person also bricked Erin’s game 😦
So as no one was able to get through her gates Rory’s only way to play this game was by restarting it, how sad is that! Erin’s game was even worse! She couldn’t restart at all and has to buy a new ACWW game, argh!! I wish people would just stop seeding someone else just because they get mad or they don’t like them or whatever problem is there…
I feel sorry for you both Rory and Erin! 😦

Luckily Rory’s mood wasn’t that diminished and she really was happy to get the Greenday’s pattern back in my Ables 😉

Then Rory told me to add a new friend: It’s Samantha, the sister of Lani, nice to meet you! 😀
We met up this morning in my chatroom for a short time (as I had to leave right at the moment she came in lol) so I really enjoyed the evening chatting with you all 🙂

A last group pic and then Rory had to go and soon after that Samantha too 😉 .

So I guided her to the gates…

Bye Samantha and off she goes 😛 you can only see her foot on this pic xD 😆

I had fun! 😀



  1. Mayu the person who bricked Erin wasn´t the same who did something to London i can assure you that, my friend and I are thinking about a «Bug».
    Hope to meet you tonight/ or in the morning

    Rory (:

    • Ok, thanks for the info ^^

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