Posted by: Mayu | June 25, 2010

Pigtailed Rory, squished Tess and naughty Noni

Woohoo, Friday evening I had some great ACWW time again 😉

I opened my gates and this girl came through… can you recognize her? It’s Rory! :mrgreen: She’s chosen a wrong hairstyle and got this pigtails, she said she looks like a clown, but I think she looks so cute on this pic! x3

Tess and my son Noni also visited me. It has been such a long time where Noni has played ACWW but he grabbed his game today because he was bored and I also enjoyed it seeing him coming to my town ^^. Hey Rory! You’re standing on my steaks!!! 👿 😆

Well, maybe she’s not standing directly on one, but on the grill anyway 😛 .
Haha Tess, you look so sweet with your blushing emotion 😉

It was raining all the time in Mitsukyo but Noni has thought that Rory wasn’t still wet enough 😛

Then Rory gave me a pattern of a kissing scene of Toradora…
What kissing scene? It was absolutely not understandable for me and also not for Noni where there should be a kissing scene. On the left side is the boy and on the right side the girl. Are you able to see this?? 😯

Let’s look closer! Anyone?
Well… I’ve looked for pictures of Toradora on google, and finally when I saw the original I was also able to see it on the pattern xP. Sorry Rory, that we couldn’t see it that easily like you did 😉
(For all who can’t see it, here’s the solution: HERE . Be careful my younger friends, when you see this pic you might get shocked and only say ‘ewwwww’ xDDD (but I think it’s still G-rated 😉 just the non-romantic people might dislike it 😆 ))

Hee hee, do you enjoy my stupid sea bass, Noni? 😛 He’s wearing a pilot’s cap, because…

… he accidently changed his hair into this girl’s one xDD

Showing-off time! 😀

And Rory and Noni liked to squish Tess, ha ha! xP

Thanks for the great fun! 😀



  1. ohhhh i see it now.

  2. i need that pattern

  3. Hi Miki!!! I found my ACWW at last!!! (it was lost for two months 😦 ) I don’t have Wi-Fi tho, I got a DSi so my Wi-Fi is gone D: But I hope I can get it back and play so more on Wi-Fi!!!

    • Hi Tammie it’s great that you’ve found your DSi! ^^ But why can’t your DSi connect to Wifi anymore? Can’t you set it up to WEP again?

      • Ha, funny thing is…

        ….. I was actually using Emily’s wi-fi… XD so unless wirless decides to work, I won’t be on untill my dad orders the cord-thingy. I can connect to the Internet (on the DSi you can get Internet, yay!!! XD) But I can’t play with other people!!! Plus I need to get up earlier. (I get up at like 2pm lol) I’ll tell you if wireless works!!!!

  4. hey natnat. here is the pattern.
    i hope i could help you

  5. i was the anonymous

    • Thanks for your help! 😀 Great that you’ve found it ^^

      • ich spreche eigentlich deutsch. aber bitte.

  6. Mayu, I still don’t see it! I saw the picture but I don’t see the people in the pattern! No fair! lol.
    Did you see it?

    • Yes after I saw the original I finally was able to see it xDD. Well the lighter parts are the two persons on the left side the boy on the right half the girl ^^. I can’t describe it better xP

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