Posted by: Mayu | June 24, 2010

Miki’s newest friend: Lani from Oak-Town

This time I had the rare moment where I was able to meet up a brandnew ACWW friend ^^. As I’m not that often on anymore it’s really hard to meet up some new friends when I even can’t make proper meeting dates, I’m really sorry about that.
But I’ve seen a new town by coincidence and soon I went to the town Oak-Town, which is the town of a nice girl called Lani 😉

Hi Lani! Nice to meet you! 😀 She was very surprised seeing me coming through the gates xP, haha sorry that I might have scared you 😆
She’s a really cute girl and also very kind 🙂

Some minutes later there was another visitor, it’s Nessi. I forgot the town name but it’s not someone I met before 😉

Hello, to my surprise she’s also from Germany ^^

We all standing in front of Lani’s sweet tiny house.

Soon Nessi had to go while I was exploring the house. When you look that close to that pink wallpaper I think it’s really a cute colour, although I don’t like pink that much 😉

As you can see Lani’s town is still very new and didn’t have some palm trees there. That’s why I suggested to come to my town where she could pick some missing fruits and some flowers for Oak-Town ^^

When I opened my gates Tess was the first one who arrived. :mrgreen:
Yay, nice to see you again Tess 😉

I guided them to the spare hybrid area but I fell into a pitfall, d’oh! Hey Tess, I can see you had a great time xDD

Both shared the rest of the hybrids.

My turnip price wasn’t that bad that thursday, it was at around 168. Not that much but as I knew that I would hardly have time on Friday and Saturday I decided to sell them today. It’s better than nothing.

Then Rory came for a visit, wooot! 😀

A last group pic of us before I had to go again! 😉
It was a great time with you, let’s meet up very soon again (I hope) lol.



  1. lani in hawaiian is heaven. what a cute name !

  2. Thanks ❤

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