Posted by: Mayu | June 24, 2010

FanArt’s by Zoe

YAY!!! I’m so glad, I got two fanarts from one of my best ACWW friend: Zoe! 😀
We know each other for more than a year now and she decided to draw me an anniversary pic too! THANKS SO MUCH, dear Zoe, they are sooo cute! 😀

And it’s really great to see that every people has got a totally different style to draw, I mean every picture I get from you is something very special for me. I wish I could express my thankfulness a lot better but I hope you’ll all understand me anyway >.< 😳

Look at those great pictures now: 😀



  1. Cute~! ♥ Your great at drawing Zoe. :] Mayu’s loved x3. Ha c;

  2. waaaaah….. I drew you a picture…. and I can’t upload it!!!

  3. Thank you, Lottie. (: ❤

  4. Your welcome Zoe. :] Remember meh? o3o Yur Xat buddeh.. Amanda? c: Tehe. Well I rememberz you. =D

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