Posted by: Mayu | June 22, 2010

In the afternoon and evening…

… I also had some time to play on Tuesday ^^
Actually I was also open in the morning for Jake, but only Elo and Rory dropped by for a short time to say hello, but I didn’t take pics of it 😉 I also had to go very soon and I promised to open in my afternoon again.

Yay, Rory in the front and Nici dropped by, hello! 😀

We talked about this and that and soon Nici had to go, but thanks for coming over Nici ^^

I’ve got a new neighbour: it’s Moe, he moved from Rory’s town London to Mitsukyo. He even remembered Rory, very good 🙂

I wonder, of what species this skeleton is… I mean, our ACWW characters with the big head and short legs DO look totally different to that skeleton xP .
So it’s not a human skeleton for me 😛

In my evening I only had a little time to play and left my gates open for Yuki’s friends to come over. But when I looked for visitors, I’ve found Meow there, whacking my head all the time 😮 😆

And Annie also came over and she had a caterpillar shirt, too, haha that’s cool xD.

I couldn’t play for long but I’m glad that I finally met you both up again ;).
Hope to see you all soon again ^^



  1. I miss those days ❤ If anyone still plays, skype me on cookiesncream123 (:

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