Posted by: Mayu | June 21, 2010

Hide and Seek with Rory and Elo

Argh, sorry for the late post again, I know, it’s getting worse with updating my blog, I even have to answer all your comments yet, so please bear with me, I hope I’ll have answered all until tomorrow… 😳

And some pics are left of my gameplay of Monday and Tuesday, so let me show you them 😉 :

I had a nice visit to London, Elo was also there and I enjoyed playing ACWW again, I really miss you all when I can’t play every day like I used to. 😦

Elo behind me and Rory is releasing a bug or what was that? xD I can’t remember 😉

We soon played hide and seek and as you can see, I tried to hide behind a cedar, hee hee :mrgreen: But Rory found me nevertheless very quickly 😉

When it was my turn I heard someone popping a party cracker near me…

Haha, actually I saw it coming out of this wall, so that just means, Elo was there hidden inside 😆

Ha! Found you! 😛

And whose head is that? :mrgreen:

Found you Rory! Njaknjaknjak! 😀

Then we also had a butterfly contest, while Elo had already her 12th butterfly, I was still on my 3rd one… 😈 and they were all those lousy boring together-with-Resetti-Wifi-crash-picture-evil-butterflies I could get, grrr! 👿

Well, at least a peacock butterfly was my best one, but hey, we still haven’t decided for the winner, who was it? xP Haha, nevermind, the fun is the most important thing, not the winner 😉

Thanks for letting me visit 😀



  1. I thought Rory stopped ACWW, did she come back?

    • I think she’s back now again 😉 lol

  2. Mayu yes im back lol

    can you go on twitter?

  3. You posted this on my birthday lol

    • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, dear Kathi!! 😀

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