Posted by: Mayu | June 19, 2010

No legs, Rory?! And finally strolling over Kelso

Hooray! Saturday evening I was able to play with my younger friends again! 😀
So I’ve spent my first visit in London, Rory had some panic moments on twitter when I asked her whether she can come later when I would open my gates at 8PM. And because she wouldn’t be there at that time, I had to visit her immediately!! 😆 Haha don’t worry Rory, I was really amused about that and it was no problem at all and in the end I was happy to meet you that day, even if it wasn’t for long 😉

So I enjoyed being in London again, hii Rory! 😀

She was a short time offline and when I zoomed up to take a close-up pic of her I realised, that she has no legs on this pic?!?!? 😯 Where are they?? xDD

Some minutes later we already have to say good bye, I hope you had a lot of fun at the party you joined 😉 And thanks for letting me visit ^^

Then later on I had a nice chit-chat with Sorcha, Erin and Damian on my chatroom. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the chatrooms of my friends to my old chatroom again, people asked for that and as several chatroom owners aren’t active anymore I also had to think over what to do with them…
Well, this is another try to have an own chatroom here on my blog, I hope everyone will behave fair and nice in there, because I’m not often there atm…
So after a while Erin asked me to come over to her town Kelso and I said yes, as last time I didn’t have enough time to explore her town 😉

Hi Erin, it’s great to be here in Kelso again! ^^

Aww, look, she’s revamped her town and all is covered with this green flower/grass pattern, how cool is that! 😀

That’s her little garden behind her house 🙂

Also along the river you can find a lot of pretty arranged flowers.

Wow, you already have a lot of neighbour pics, Erin, congratulations! 😀

This is her shark pet ‘Jaws’! He’s really an impressive shark 😮

Haha I laughed about the afro wig on the floor, it looks really weird xP.
After a while we decided to go to my town, but about this I’ll tell you in my next post 😉



  1. ahaha lol panic moment? xD

    Lol so nice to meet you today :mrgreen:

    tysm 😀

  2. Hi, does anyone know who made the flowery vine-covered path in this post? I’ve seen it elsewhere and it’s probably my favorite path pattern, but I don’t know who made it and I’ve never even seen pixel instructions for it. xP

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