Posted by: Mayu | June 19, 2010

Erin, Brandon and Elo ;)

So Erin and I went to my town ^^

She was happy to get my spare hybrids and there were luckily quite a lot from the past few days 😉

Ohh Moe from London moved to my town 😀 . Haha he seems to be very friendly, I’ve never seen such warm and kind eyes of him before xP.

Oh Erin look! A rainbow stag beetle next to his house!

Yay, you got it!! 😀

Tee hee, this pic is cute 😉

After I’ve accidently picked up the cloud pattern I needed to climb on a bench to get close to Erin for a netfight 😛

And we realised that whacking dandelions will cause flying puffs everywhere, that was so pretty! xD

We REALLY loved it 🙄 xDD

Then to my surprise Brandon came over and brought a lot of stuff with him, because he wanted me to keep his items while he’s restarting a new town 😉 . Ok, no problem at all!

For a last view of New Bark, Brandon invited us to come to his town.

Erin and I exchanged some clothes, thanks so much! 😀

Brandon has some cool neighbours there, like Kid Cat…

… or Agent S!! 😮 Awww just Big Top is missing in this group 🙂

Brandon and me enjoyed watching the worldcup on TV!
Just the Vuvuzela’s were very annoying! 😛 😆

Of course head bumping is always fun, hee hee!

Then Brandon finally wanted to restart his town and we headed over to Mitsukyo again. Thanks for the last moments in New Bark, Brandon 😉

Elo came for a visit, wooot! 😀

We had fun in catching fish and bugs and here I was showing Elo my latest catch 😉

Just when Erin caught a wonderful golden Arowana the game freezed and this ugly mole popped up:

Grrr! Thanks for that, party-pooper-Resetti!
But anyway it was already late for me and I had to go to bed 😉
Thanks for the fun @ all, it was a lovely evening ^^



  1. I hope rory comes back soon, i need ppl to wifi with.

  2. can i meet you at wi fi

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