Posted by: Mayu | June 18, 2010

YAY! A Miki picture made by Rory!

Awww, I’ve got another sweet present from one of my blog readers!! x3

This time Rory drew a wonderful picture of my chara Miki:

THANKS so much, dear Rory!!! I love it!! 😀 Her face and the hair is so pretty! I wish the hair in ACWW would be so fluffy too like in your pic 😉

And that wasn’t all I get, Rory also collected a lot of funny quotes of the moments she’ll never forget xD:

1-«Miki makes the world go round, world go round!!» ———–> great song no doubt about it!

HII!» —————————>sometimes i over react xD

3-OMG OMG OMG OMG MARRY ME!—» Green Day pattern remember?

4-StarVucks?! –» when you read starvucks instead of starbucks xD

5-:hey psssst miki!:
:yes rory? :
:y is he always talking about his ipod?:
:Idk rory, idk.:———–» sean is ADDICTED TO HIS IPOD..

6-Sean, can I call you the always in pain guy? —> when I wanted to make a page about my friends

7-Hii rory how r u?
Hi miki im wet and u?
Dry xD

😆 Lol!! I also had a LOT of fun with you Rory!! xD
Thanks so much for your present, I really appreciate it 😉


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