Posted by: Mayu | June 14, 2010

A beautiful poem by Sorcha

I wanted to show you all this awesome poem Sorcha did for us:

Thanks so much, dear Sorcha, it touched my heart!


  1. that was sweet. i wanna meet sorcha, but i doubt she has my fc on her roster. ill have 2 go outside 2 use wifi, but now i have 2 GET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. but, im very careful. i always look in front of me and behind me lik every 5 minutes and i have very good hearing. im still kinda skeptical about sean, who always kinda made the wifi crash, and i think he seeded me… like, he seeded rocks. cuz i noticed 2 rocks very close 2gether and the rocks that r the ones that u usually seed.

    • told you mayu 😈

      • … that’s just an assumption so far… but when I was wrong I’ll apologize to you 😛 (that I’ve thought that you just needed a reason to restart your towns )

    • Ugh, be VERY careful Chip, playing in the middle of a road is not really much fun oO.
      When did you play last with Sean, Chip? Just these days?

    • Hey chipinator, I probably promised to play with you a long time ago, but my wifi isnt working, so I guess Im just going to have to live with it now… my nana will have my old routa so when I visit hers I will be able to play (This is usually once a week to visit my sister)

      Sorry about the wait Im free on xat if you wish just give me a time and date 😛

      Sorchiie… xxx

  2. Omg! thats beautiful!!! its soooo sweet!!! ♥

    • Thankyou so much cherryice 😀

      Sorry that I cannot wifi, I have promised many people that I would and I cant so I feel really bad :(xxx

  3. Thats a nice poem Sorcha! 😀

    • Thanks damian!! Are we still friends? It’s been a long time since we’ve talked!!

      Sorchiie… xxx

  4. It’s really beautiful! ❤

  5. oh my gosh! Thankyou so much mayu I love you to pieces!!!
    Wow this made me cry to see that you’d done a background and stuff…

    I was just thinking, would poems and stories go into the fan art page? Cause art isnt just drawings and stuff in english.. I was just wondering lol

    Tysm love ya betch xxx

    Sorchiie…. xxx

    • Yep I wanted to ask you first if it’s ok what I’ve done with your poem, but now I’ll add it into my Fan Art Page, too.
      Thanks so much again! 😀

      • It’s bloomin amazing!!
        Aha thankyou do you mind if I put it up on mine too??


        • It’s yours, so take it!! xD
          Btw, I need a ‘title’ for this poem, what would you think of? ‘It’s Summer Time’ ?

  6. Can you get onto xat mayu it would be nice to talk again??xxx

    • yep, will go to your chat room ^^

  7. wow! I read this and was like “nooooooooooooo…she’ll never play ACWW again!” Then I got to the end… beautiful!

    • aha! I recognise that name have we talked before?? Or am I just mixing two up? 😉 Sorry I am very forgetful!!!


  8. Cool poem. Mayu can we connect on acww.
    My friend rooster code is 2407-9026-8382
    e-mail me your code and what day, time, date , etc.

    • thankyou!!


    • Welcome to my blog Cathy12349, but I’m sorry, I don’t arrange dates via email.
      You can leave your full details on my blog somewhere (I still need your chara name and town name) and I’ll add you to Miki’s roster. Miki’s FC is 2292-0581-5572, town Mitsukyo.
      I don’t play much these weeks but whenever you see my gates open, feel free to drop by 😉

  9. i suck at fishing. any good tips mayu?

    • 1: Put the rod just in front of the fish
      2: Go to different places to fish (Ocean, River, Pond, Waterfall, Lake)
      3: Fish when it’s raining!! (Vital for the coelacanth)
      4: Use the A button to pull in instead of tapping your character, then keep pressing until it pulls up 🙂

      Hope these help!!

      • Thanks again for your help Sorcha! 😀

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