Posted by: Mayu | June 13, 2010

Hope to see you soon again, dear Rory!

On twitter I’ve read that Rory wants to take a little pause from ACWW and Nici, Shania and me were quite shocked about it, because Rory also has deleted her blog! 😦
But it has nothing to do with ACWW and ACWW friends, so what we can do is just be patient, that Rory will settle everything soon and come back to ACWW again! 😀
For a last gameplay Rory asked me to open my gates and I also invited Nici and Shania to come and join the last party.

Nici at the left and Rory just entered my town. 🙂

It was really a nice meeting, after Rory reassured us that it wasn’t our fault, we chit-chatted and explored my town.

Shania with the huge glasses also tried to come to Mitsukyo, but EVERYTIME she was just there, Wifi lagged and crashed finally! That was a real bummer! 😦
Sorry about that Shania, I wished I could do anything against it!! >.<

When I opened again, Nici couldn’t come back anymore but libby.x came instead! Yay, long time no see, Liv! 😀

Then Rory asked me to take a last pic like that of our first Wifi meeting, awwww!

I started to feel nostalgic, thanks so much for the fun so far, dear Rory!!

…and off she goes… byeee! See you VERY soon again, hopefully! 😦



  1. Hii Mayu!
    Your post really tocuhed it makes me feel nostalgic too 😉
    I cant come back right now cause things are in a big big mess even bigger than i thought
    ohh this is so bittersweet 🙂

  2. Awww, you’re leaving! I hope you come back soon!

  3. aww y do u hav 2 go? i met u at miriams town yesterday, and now youre leaving?

    • Oh she’s already back again Ashleigh 😉

  4. Mayu!! yay You´re here hiiiiiiiiiii ^^

    • Cooooiieeee Rory!! XDD I’m busy with answering all those comment again xP 😀

  5. I see! my gates are open so when yo have time come:D

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