Posted by: Mayu | June 11, 2010

That’s crazy, we’re behind the waterfall!!

In the afternoon I promised to open my gates again and I had

Tess as visitor, woohoo! 😀

But also Rebecca came for a visit ^^. Here we tried our shyness emotion, because Rebecca also told us that when we run away asap after doing this emotion, you’ll see a glowing dust on the place we used to stay and it’s true xD.

This was really a WILD netfight!! 😆 Ouch!!

In the evening I could finally bring Rory a surprise I’ve made this afternoon 😉

It was a pattern of her favourite band ‘Green Day’ and I tried out for the first time the program Anicro Despro (look HERE for further detail ) to create this. It’s really not a bad program, you can easily convert a pic into a pattern and also pixeling it to your game is also not that difficult, you just have to be patient ;).

Rory was really happy and so am I ^^

Then Luke was there! Hiii, long time no see! It’s great that you’re back again! 🙂

We headed over to his town Mbro.

Oh wow, look at this!! 😯 Luke managed to create a waterfall where we can walk behind! That’s so coooool!! 😯 8) 😆

Hahaha, we enjoyed going fishing and having a shower at the same time xD.
From left to right it’s me, Luke and Rory standing behind the waterfall 😉

Lol!! Rory showed off her hammerhead shark to Erin, who also dropped by to Mbro, hii!

Behind the waterfall was a really interesting area. There’s a border we can’t get through, we can’t even throw our bait into the blue water(?).

And the ground was hard as stone xP.
Thanks for creating this to your town Luke, I really had a lot of fun in Mbro!! 😀



  1. Wow awsome waterfall

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