Posted by: Mayu | June 11, 2010

Good morning Rory!

Haha, this morning I had a fun gameplay with Rory ^^
She was off from school today and I was glad to meet her up around 11 AM my time:

I always like the dandelion puffs in ACWW. They look really pretty in our hands 🙂

When I explored London I fell of course ( 👿 ) into a pitfall, arrrrgh! 🙄 😆
Your goldfish pond is great, Rory! 😀

Then I saw this pattern and it reminded me automatically of Julie from Wildwood, and when I asked Rory she said it was indeed a Beatles pattern of her, haha! :mrgreen:

Phuuuuuuu! Yay, we both blew our dandelions 😀

Then we watched some cartoon on TV 🙂

Had a nice talk on the sofa…

… then it was time to have a siesta! Good night! *turn off the light*…

*turn ON the light*

I forgot to put Rory to bed!!!! :mrgreen:
*turns off the light* ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!



  1. hi kannst du dich an mich erinnern

    • Hi nessi, ja klar, wir haben uns bei Lani getroffen 🙂
      Find ich klasse, dass du mal vorbeischaust ^^

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