Posted by: Mayu | June 8, 2010

Miki’s newest friend: Shinnio from Osolo

What a wonderful illustrious name! Shinnio from Osolo… 😀
I’ve chatted with Violet on my blog this afternoon and when she asked if we could meet up I said yes and so I went to her town for the first time:

Nice to meet you Shinnio!♪ Unbelievable that I’m in Singapore now! 😀

She has still Nookway so I went in to buy something from the shop that Nook will expand it to Nookingtons 😉

Just when I’ve bought a golden stereo…

…Wifi crashed! Meeeeh! 👿

Our next try was succesful. We saved as soon as I’ve bought the stereo again 😉

Then I went exploring her town. Her house is still very cute ^^

Hahaha what a weird pic. Looks like I’m hyperactive xP

It was a lot of fun playing with you Shinnio! 😀 Unfortunately Wifi crashed another time after this and my presents to you went back to my pocket. 😦
But next time I’ll give them back to you again, promised 😉



  1. Hey there 🙂

    I am crumbling around your blog now for a while, first I wanted to thank you for all the advices and tipps you collected, it was very helpful and I even found this awesome water design *smiles*.

    Now I was wondering recently if you or one of your friends knows what happens, if one decides to delete his town.
    I am curious about this ever since but i am too chicken little to try 😀 And of course I wouldn’t want you to try it either, I am just wondering if you know what happens? For example is my shop decreasing then again? And will the museum be empty? Are my neighboures gone then and all my flowers and exotic fruit trees as well?

    I’d be pleased if you answer soon, I can’t help it but my curiosity is killing me 😀


    PS: By the way, and this is only a friendly advice, but in English there are words without a plural form. You may heard of that before, we have just “Fish” and only “Information” and (now that’s the point) there are only “Sheep” 🙂
    So in your second last post you wrote sheeps, which is actually not right… I just want to help, no offense 😉

    • Hi Bella, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀
      Wow thanks for all your nice words and I think I can answer your question:
      When you delete a town everything will be gone! It’s like you never had a town before and the only option is to start a brandnew town.

      And about the sheep, I really appreciate it that you’ve told me that, I haven’t heard of that before 😮
      I only knew of the fish and that was also because one nice woman told me about it 😉
      Yay, thanks for this info, I will remember it 😀

  2. Hii miki it’s me I’m back yes I’m back and I’m on acww wooooohooooo!!!

    • Hi i’m Nicole i’m back to acww too lolz. If you want to add me heres my info:
      Friend code: 4340-6263-0474
      Name: Sofia
      Town: Lollipop
      and if you want to play acww whenever bcauz i can open my gates just give me your acww info so i can add you if u want lolz.

      Nicole/Nisi or Nici!

      • Hi I would love to meet up post ur details on my blog pls and I’ll post mine on

        • Nicole here is my friend code:
          New Bark
          2794 4413 4734
          Now we can finally wi-fi 😀 i’ll be open now

    • That’s cool Sean! 😀 I always hoped you were coming back xD

  3. Hi! I used to be Brookiexo
    We got a new computer 🙂
    Im the girl that 5 months ago LOST HER GAME OF ANIMAL CROSSINGS!
    Well i found it!
    And im the same Wi-fi user 🙂
    So hopefully you remember me Bye gotta go

    • Umm I don’t know a Brookie, but a Rosalie! whose latest town was Starry and the chara name Mayzie. So it is you? xD Great you’re back to Wifi. So your FC didn’t change? 🙂

  4. Uh no im Rosalie! From Fangtown.
    I lost my Animal Crossings 5months ago…….So i didn’t think you would remeber me 😛
    We moved houses like 4 monthgs ago and my F.C didn’t change(Is that wierd?)
    My F.C is:
    Player: Rosalie!
    Town: Fangtown
    F.C: 464083466066
    Sooooooo yeah.

    • Oops i forgot we have two computers (A laptop and a PC) And forgot about puttting the name in sooo yeah It’s Rosalie!
      I made a mistake in my F.C It is 46408346066. I puy an extra 6 in it Hehe.:)

    • Ah right it was Fangtown before, now I remember xD
      Great, I’ll put you into Miki’s roster 😀

      • Hahahaha yeah it’s been a while xD
        Thanks,I hope to get on soon when……………..well Im doon sorting out stuff for school 😦 Uhhh i can’t tell wat time because im 11 and don’t get EST and stuff………….Oh well!!

        • I’m very busy as well lately and won’t be open every day, but I hope to see you nevertheless very soon again 😉

          • Hahaha yeah same

  5. Awww, you 2 are wayyy cute! Is that orange top a custom top? It’s adorable!!!

    • Thanks mandy, and yes it’s called a Flowery Shirt and can be bought at Ables during summer 🙂

  6. wow. haha. didnt expect this. do you do tis for everyone? anyway, could you hold on to it longer? i am kinda busy… sorry. 😦

    • Hee hee, yes, when I wifi with someone I usually always take pics unless my camera is broken or whatever ;). And when I take pics I always show them on my blog 😉
      And don’t worry, I’m also very very busy these days… but I hope to meet you up again 😀

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