Posted by: Mayu | June 8, 2010

Great, you’re back, Jaimee! :D

Hooray, this morning I’ve met Jaimee from Tinytown again! 😀

Awww, it has been a while, Jaimee x3! I’m glad to meet you up again 😉

Hee hee, what a cute bunny outfit ^^

We had a lot of fun like in the old days with net fights on flying clouds… or

…picking some dandelions and…

…blow their puffs 🙂

Haha, Jaimee tried to catch my just-caught horse makerel with her net! 😈 It’s mine xP!

We caught such good fish 😛 grrr! 😡

But then I saw a REAL good fish for the first time this year, a finned fish! 😮

Got it!!! Wow, the fish looks really HUGE on this pic 😯 !

Woohoo, an ocean sunfish! 😀

Thanks for coming over, Jaimee and hope to see you soon again ^^



  1. Hi mayu, I’ve been wandering around your blog alot of times, and it looks soo fun I really want to play and hang around with you and most of your friends!! Info:

    Name: lili
    Town: oo-ville
    Fc: 189-248-151-546

    • Hi lili ^^ thanks for visiting my blog ^^
      Btw, do you know Jia from Fizzpop and xcrazypancakex? 🙂 Say hi to them and I really would like to meet you but I hope we won’t have the same Wifi problem as I had with Jia (we couldn’t meet up at all, we always got error codes 😦 )
      Anyway I’ll add you to Miki’s roster, hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. no I don’t know who jia or xcrazypancakex is.. well I never actually have a problem wifing with others.. But I hope that it’s not gonna happen like jia and your wifi 🙂 hope that’s not gonna happen to us

    • Ok just wondered, because you have the same ip adress like the other two 😉
      Hope to see you soon ^^

  3. dear mayu how did you blow off the dandelion in one of the pics

    • When you hold a dandelion in your hand, just press the A button to blow them away 😉

  4. Erin, Anastasia, revolution60 and Damian, please use next time the chatroom at the right side to chat for your Wifi connection or use the comment chat page from above. I had to delete over 70(!) comments here.

    • ok Sorry

      • @revolution60 and @Erin: It’s ok, I’m not mad at all but be sure to chat next time on the chat page or in chatroom 😉

  5. sorry about that 😦

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