Posted by: Mayu | June 7, 2010

Together with Laurie in Sunnset! :D

In the afternoon I saw Rebecca’s town open and so I joined them, there was another visitor as well 😉 .

Hii, awww, it’s beautiful as ever here again :3 ! And nice to meet you Laurie!

It’s the first time we met, her town is ♥Tampa♥ and she’s a really nice girl 😀

Hee hee, you’re a bee again, very cute, Rebecca xD . Btw, did you mix up the colours for the German flag?? 😆

This spot is sooo lovely, I liked it a lot! The water is different to the one I know, it looks much more brilliant than the other 😀

I also had one orange pansy and a black rose in my pocket for Rebecca and Laurie 😉

Becci’s path is sooo awesome, she also put some arrows now on ground 🙂

Then we went fishing, but I haven’t seen a finned big fish yet… 😦

Before I had to go, Becci brought her pet ‘Fred’, the ocean sunfish, out of her house to say me good bye xDD.
Thanks for the fun and hope to see you both soon again 😉



  1. jep for wm oh and did i tell you that fred have a girlfriend : Freddine XD

  2. Ist AR Break Your DS? Weil ich es gerne möchte, aber 1 von meinen Freunden DS brach, weil es …

    • No, it doesn’t. I have one 🙂

      Sorry if you dont understand, I speak french if that helps??

    • Ummm my son has his action replay for like 2 years now and nothing happened to his DS so far. I think it depends on which codes you use to cheat with them, maybe some of them aren’t good for your DS, but I’m not sure…

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