Posted by: Mayu | June 7, 2010

Thanks a lot for your pics, Yukichan and Jaimee!

Wow I got two awesome pics as presents this weekend.

My first is from Yukichan,
she put a lot of effort to make me an overview about Mitsukyo,
but have a look:

That’s a nice feature and I’ve also put it into ‘My ACWW stats’.
Thanks so much Yukichan for this!! 😀

And I got another Anniversary pic as present.
It’s from Jaimee, we know each other for over 1 year now!

Isn’t this pic of her just lovely?? 😀

I love the colours and all the flowers. ^^
Thanks again a LOT, dear Jaimee, I hope we’ll meet up for another long time again 😉



  1. very nice =)

  2. The pics look great :D!

  3. I’m happy you like it and even use it! ^____^

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