Posted by: Mayu | June 5, 2010

Big turnip price, hooray! And Derwin away! Yay!

What a stupid title, it sounds like a very bad rap attempt but I had a very nice Friday! :mrgreen:

Here I was fetching all my turnips, because…

Nooks offered a wonderful big turnip price of 641 today!!! 😯
These are the moments I’m always waiting for, woohoo! xD

Awww, isn’t it nice to get this amount by selling just one full load of turnips? :mrgreen: 😆

Woot, I really made a very good profit today! 🙂

Later on I had a date with Tess, but unfortunately my son needed some help for his English report, so I wasn’t really available to play. Sorry about that again, dear Tess.

Around one hour later I saw also Elo in my town, hi! 😀
Hey, are you holding a camera in front of your face? Oh no, it’s still your gas mask 😛

Another LUCKY moment: DERWIN is packed!!!! :mrgreen: *dancesaroundtable*
Bye bye, Derwin 😉

Elo and me trying to catch huge fish, but I didn’t see any today either 😦

Soon I had to go to prepare supper, sorry for that short time of gameplay, I hope next time will be better. Thanks for your visits, Elo and Tess ^^



  1. Congratz on the high turnip price! Today Tom Nook was buying turnips for about 52 bells -__-

    • Mr. Nook in Weylor is buying for 250! 🙂

      • Wow another splendid Nook on Mondays 😀

  2. I have stupid ugg-butt Derwin in my town!!!!! 😦

    • LOL poor you xP 😆

      • how dare you say that you rude person 😦
        and Derwin moving is NOT a happy moment… 👿

        • Thanks for your ‘compliment’ Damian, I think ‘hating’ (of course I don’t really ‘hate’ him) a program generated character and being happy when a neighbour moves away from a town is something totally different to ranting and insulting real people like blogreaders or ACWW friends over Wifi for example. Especially you should know the difference so please stop being outraged about my opinion of Derwin!

          • everyone DOES have different opinions…

  3. How many turnips are in a full load of turnips?

    • Oh it’s when your bag is full with turnips. The most what you can buy from Joan is 100 turnips per spot in bag. So one full load of turnips is 1500 turnips for me as you have 15 free spots in your bag 🙂

  4. kaitlin i think it’s either 1500 or 1000!!!!! (not sure which one though) 🙂

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