Posted by: Mayu | June 3, 2010

Sniff… sniff, could that be…??

Today I had a date with Rory at 2PM 😀

It was still raining in London (what else did you expect from this town xDD) but when it turned full hour, the sun came back, yay!

Elo found also the way to Rory and we all had a nice fishing tournament 🙂

What happened to your bait, Elo?? 😮 Looks now like a Pokemon ball to me XDD

It’s always funny to see the only-with-Action-Replay-possible emotions 😆

Ugh poor Rory has to suffer big pain when Elo was standing on her feet and showing off her seabutterfly 😛

Yeah, I looked very bored on this pic, very mature indeed! But I LOVED the prank Elo was doing to Vivien, when she was offline for a short moment xDD. 😈

Hee hee, we decided to take all a mud bath and Elo took a lot of effort to prepare all the pitfall seeds. But right at the moment when we counted down to fall simultaneously into them, Elo had to go offline! xDD
And it’s always big fun to see us all struggling in the holes 😆

A minute later, Elo was back and took her own bath 😉

Aww look, a sweet Elo baby! And Rory looks cool with her pilot shades 8) .
But… sniff sniff, something stinks here! Elo, was that a…

( 😆 )

We immediately put up our gas masks, because we knew what will happen if you don’t do this…

…as you can see…

Vivien already fainted away! Nooo! xD :mrgreen:

Hope to see you all soon again! 😉



  1. I’M ALIVE 😛 lol

    • Roiiii!!! Yay, you’re still alive xDD 😆
      How are you? 🙂 Are you still playing ACWW? 😉

      • I still play. But not as much do to some health problems and School. I promise i will play more during the summer like i used to 😀

        • Yay, that would be great! 😀


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