Posted by: Mayu | June 2, 2010

Meeting a lot of good friends ^^

Oh how nice, I was even able to play in my evening, hubby and I took a lil’ break from planing our house 😉

And as I saw Kelso open, I thought I should pay Erin a visit. She’s the cute girl at the left and to my surprise Tess was also there, hooray! 😀
But soon we decided to go to my town, because I’ve promised Tess a long time ago that I’ll give her a Pikmin and this was the chance to do it right now! 🙂

And yay, Rory also dropped by, woohoo! xD 😆

Oh my, this pic reminds me how difficult it was to take a group pic of us all xDD. They were running around me like wild hens, searching for a good place. Then I’ve explained to them that I want them to be all in front of me, and what did they do? Lining up in a row, standing all vertically in front of me 🙄 I know that I’m bad in explaining, but I didn’t expect this!! 😆
So I put patterns on ground to have them standing on one pattern each, and this was the result 😛 Out of around 15 taken pics, this was the best one xDD.

After that Rory invited us all to come to her town London, hi! 😀

She also worked hard in her town and changed it a lot. Look at this beautiful red path patterns, wow! It’s so pretty! Rory said it was done by Becci, if I remember right. You’re very talented, Becci! 😀

Eeek, is a burglar coming to London?? 😯

No it has been Justin, the brother of Tess. He’s a very friendly guy and it was fun playing with him ^^

I had such a lot of fun, it was a pity, that I had to go at 10PM my time. Let’s meet up very soon again! 😀



  1. Justin Looks like me!0.0

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