Posted by: Mayu | June 2, 2010

Cooee, Katrina!!

Woot, I played with Miki this early afternoon! 😀
And found Elo’s town Rainbowx open:

Cool, full town! ^^ Vivien at the left and Mollie at the right were also there, hi! 😀

And of course Elo 😛 ! Haha, weird emotion xD (but cuuute x3)

She revamped her town, look at these awesome green grass patterns and the path! 😮

And this spot was very lovely to have a nice fishing time! ^^

Of course, we only got seabasses! -.-

Haha, I loved seeing all the tents and shops lined up in a row, but unfortunately they were all already closed. But I took a peep into Katrina’s tent, cooee! :mrgreen:

Oh wow, even two Gracie’s cars were parking next to Able sisters, how cool is that!

Before we headed over to my town I’ve found this nice ‘Elo’ spot written with flowers, beautiful! 😀

Well leaving the night in Australia and back to the afternoon in Germany:

Hi baby Elo! :3

Followed by Nici at the right and Vivien in front! Elo changed her clothes to an angel 😉

When Nici had to go (thanks for your visit, it was great to see you again 😉 ), Mollie came instead (with the huge sunglasses). We had all a very nice chit-chat together ^^

Thanks for the fun, girls! 😀


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