Posted by: Mayu | May 31, 2010

Funky’s 24h-Mahjongg-gameplay :P

I’ve met Meow today, woooohoooo! ♥ It has been around 2 weeks when I saw her last time, so I was really happy to see her also playing on Monday mornings 😀

Wow, you have a LOT of tulips in your town 😮

*looks carefully over the edge* Hii~ Leon! GROWWWL! I have to rent him for my town to get rid of Derwin :mrgreen:

Ohh, now I understand, these tulips are surrounding a path, a tulip-path, how neat is that! 😀

Meow uses her Moai statue to tell her some bedtime stories when going asleep 😉

And we both listened to the cool gyroid’s choir 8)

After that our 24h-Mahjongg-play has begun and as you can see, Meow prepared EVERYTHING to be not interrupted by unnecessary basic instincts. 😛 Starman was our VERY annoying umpire, always giving us the feeling of being pushed for the next move. Chop, chop!!!

In the end we both ended up with the same shirt as prize 😆

Later on in the afternoon I took again the chance to visit somebody and found Daisy’s town Twilight open!

Victoria came also for a visit and look at this awesome entrance!! 😯
Daisy’s whole town is really beautiful!

Ummm, nooooo, Victoria did nothing with the shovel, Daisy!! :mrgreen: 🙄 😛
Go ahead with sleeping xD

Another nice path I’ve found on the other side of Twilight, aren’t these colours just outstanding? 😀

After taking a rest on this lovely bench, Wifi crashed, booo! 😦

Well, thanks a lot for the fun today, Meow, Victoria and Daisy! 😀



  1. bei nintendogs kann man Moai statue werfen
    die gibt dann coole töne von sich ^^
    lg. becci

    • Haha, das ist ja witzig xD Und damit können die Hunde dann spielen? ^^

      • na ja sie bellen sie nur an intschwischen müsste meine hunde tot sein aber dass geht bei dem spiel nich xp

        • na, was wäre das für ein Schock für die noch jüngeren Spieler 😆

          • stimmt hab ma versucht alle items zu sammeln denn es gibt ja auf jeder version andere sachen

  2. genau becci.wir beide und nintedogs….

    • yeah 😆

  3. Hii it’s me I’m bored so I’m typing this message hope u haven’t deleted me because I might come on tonight. 😀 🙂 B) 😮 😉 :mrgreen: 👿 😦 😥 loads of smileys but missing the evil happy emotion which I don’t know how to do it. XD

    • ur back?! OMG YAY

    • Hi Luke, nice to see you back again! 😀 You’re in my roster again 😉

  4. Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit lol

  5. ooooo!!!!Looks like a black cat.

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