Posted by: Mayu | May 28, 2010

Time to play with my old friend Martina :)

Sigh, it has been really busy the last 2 weeks, and we still have a lot to do in our house planing, so I’m sorry, but the next weeks don’t look better for me to have enough time to play with you in the evenings… 😦
Nevertheless I’m not giving up my blog here, but you might see me less playing over Wifi >.<

But… from Monday to Friday I also have sometimes time to play in my mornings, and Friday was a good time to meet up my old ACWW friend Martina from Sunhill again, my only left German adult player 😛

I knew she would come soon, so I checked, if my distance is good enough for my welcome-whack :mrgreen: . Yep, looks good 😉

Tee hee, there she is, hi Martina! 😀

Huh?? 😯 Just when I was able to press the button again, she already moved a step forward, noo! xP 😆

She asked for a 4-leaf clover and I gave her one as I’ve got such a lot of them in my town 😉

Then we headed over to her town Sunhill! AHHH! A giant spider!! 😯 😯

WHACK! Got it!! :mrgreen: (some legs must be broken though 😛 )

Martina’s town is still very beautiful, I love her realistic looking path 😀

And I couldn’t resist to do a favor for Martina’s Vesta, she was looking for a shirt 😉

In front of her house I’ve found this lovely frog pond! 😀 Jaimee, your frogs are really famous x3

Of course I loved this turnip room 😆

And she still has got her awesome western room. Once we had a room contest on our German blog, and from that on she kept this room as a memoriam 😉

Thanks for this lovely morning, Martina 😀



  1. Aww how cute her town does look pritty cute and lol her frogs are famous ow mayu i forgot have u played club penguin if u have’nt go to its really cute ill try to add u on it just tell me what your name is on it and what time u will be on and what server u will be on k.

    • Hi Ryan, oh I know club penguin and also once joined to test it. But sorry I think it’s great for kids but for me it’s getting a little boring after some weeks ^^; (no offence though!)

      • I had an account I stopped playing like a year ago!! 😆

  2. Wow she has a nice town ow mayu have u ever played club penguin if u have’nt then go to and tell me what your name is and what time and what server u are goin on k.

  3. Its ok thought u might have liked it! 🙂

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