Posted by: Mayu | May 25, 2010

More than 3 years – my special friend Annie

Yesterday was Yuki’s evening again and I was even able to play actively, hooray for that.

It was a quiet night, not much people on, but then Annie from Newtown dropped by! WOOT! 😀

Ohh I realised, that we know each other for more than 3 years now! oO
It’s really a long time ago and it all started in an (not so active) UK board for Animal Crossing, where we both exchanged our FC’s. This board wasn’t really good, as it haven’t had any admins left there, so Annie decided to make an own board and invited me to help her, which I accepted happily 🙂 . Then we had some really good months of creating her board, we met a lot of very nice people there but after more than a year it happened the same there… members weren’t that active anymore, mainly just us two were left, so we decided to close this board last year 😦 . Well, Annie is now also in the WWAG group, the wild world adult group of the AnimalCrossingCommunity and I’m very happy and proud about it, that we still meet up in ACWW 😉 .
Thanks for all the good years so far Annie, it’s always fun with you! xD

We went shopping and Annie bought the mummy’s casket. On this pic I’ve let me shown this modern carpet by Nook’s nephews 😉 .

I’ve told her that this cake is already more than 3 years old, but it was too late. She already ate a bit 😛 But this cake is perfect for our Happy 3rd Anniversary party XD

Listening to Annie’s piano concert 🙂

After that we went to her town Newtown. It’s so lovely with this fountain! 😀

And every grass island was covered with flowers and surrounded by path patterns, I think it’s a very pretty idea! ^^

Another grass island with white pansies.

YAY! What a lovely room, Annie!! I love it! 😆

And we visited Chow, the weird pink panda living just with fish and 2 snowmen 😛

Soon I had to go, I enjoyed this evening a lot, dear Annie.
Hope to see you soon! 🙂



  1. I want Chow….at first i hated him and know he moved and i want him back 🙂

    • I mean now

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