Posted by: Mayu | May 25, 2010

Derwin’s… errrr…. birthday party, yuck!

Today I’ve seen on my bulletin board, that my most hated neighbour Derwin has got birthday today… *shiver*

Well, I should at least pay a visit, I thought to myself, but first I’ve to find a nice present… :mrgreen:

I went fishing to find a nice swimming tire or some shoes for Derwin, but it’s as always, when you look for garbage something special, you’ll never find it 🙄

So I made my choice for this cute little pillbug! Tee hee! :mrgreen:

Derwin:’All best wishes to me! KROOK!’
… yeah, that’s why I like you Derwin… >.>

Derwin:’Alright! I wonder what I’ll get this year as present?’
Something VERY nice Derwin, you’ll like it! :mrgreen:

Full of suspense I was giving the pillbug to him…

Derwin:’Wow! Let me guess! It’s a pillbug’
You don’t say! 😮 xP

Derwin:’I would have been happy even with a sodden peanut, so this is also good!’
😯 You’re so BOOOORING, DERWIN!!! I’m disappointed! 😦 😛

Snake was the other guest and they look like they have fun!

You look really happy Snake…

… but I guess it’s just fake! 😛



  1. Lol, when he lived in my town I always pushed him and when he talked to me I always did the nevermind thing. XD

    • Haha, I normally just avoid to talk to him xP.

  2. how dare you hate Derwin…What did he do wrong?? I happen to want him as a neighbor
    😦 😈

    Derwin hint: He wants a dung beattle for his b-day

    • Once my Derwin is moving out you can have him xD

      And he did nothing but being just… ummm… kinda narcisstic and I don’t like such people/animals 😛

  3. he sounds like a super geek :3 lol

  4. ohhh i shiver when i think of Derwin. I pity you for having to spend minutes in his home! ugh :mrgreen:

    • Ohh thanks Herti, at least another one who understands me! lol! :mrgreen:

  5. LOL Snake has My face in his Shirt YAY a fan

    • Yes, he’s wearing it for a LOOONG time now XD

  6. Mayu I miss you! 😦
    When can We meet?

    • I miss you all too! 😦 I wish I could play in my evenings again, but still we’re very busy >.<
      Early afternoons from Mo to Fr are impossible for you to play right? (like 3~4PM my time) that would be my only time to meet some friends at the moment…
      And weekends are even more busy for me, sigh… 😦
      So sorry to say that but it's still not clear when I've got time to play with you (but of course, once I find some time I'll open my gates or visit you when I see your gates open)

      • We can meet that time on thursday!

        • Sure

        • Oh that’s great Rory! Then I’ll open around 3PM my time, hope to see you ~♥

          • Ok I will show up definitley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

            • yay 😀

  7. haha lol muss ich mir merken immer schön käfer verschencken XD

  8. Hahaha XD Thats great =D
    I used to hate Wolfgang so I sent him mean letters with trash attached to them, but now when I think about it… If I hated so much him I wouldn’t have wasted money on paper!

    • xD Hee hee, well I think we love this game too much that we even care about the not sooo attractive neighbours 😛 .
      Even when Derwin gives me the creep it’s still fun to have someone who I can bother 😛

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