Posted by: Mayu | May 22, 2010

Saturday night in Funtown

I was lucky again to find some time to play in my evening on saturday ^^

When I opened my gates, the only visitor I got first was Nici! Hiii! It has been a while 🙂

We went to my house where Fatty Brenda is eavesdropping to our chit-chat 😛

And we visited my newest neighbour, Hugh from Bundeena 🙂 . He’s a kind pig and I laughed about his sentence: ‘He he he. And off is the sun, BOOM!’ xDD

Nici was happy to fetch some of my spare hybrids ^^ and then we decided to go to her town Funtown, yay!

Ohh, one red rose is still missing, but it’s supposed to be the German national flag in black, red and gold ^^. Well prepared for the Football World Cup coming up this summer 😉 .

And she showed me her hybrid area, you breeded a lot, Nici! 😀 Awesome!

Rory came for a visit, woohoo! We still wear the same clothes like last time 😉

Nici’s house is very pretty. I liked this modern room with all the chess figures. In this black/white themed room the colourful neighbour pics are even more eye-catching.

To the contrary the upper room was very bright and colourful! 😀 I also loved this room ^^

When Nici had to go I opened instead and Luke and Rory were my visitors.

Nice pic of Luke and me, well, I soon went to Luke’s town to help him decorating it for a surprise. But now I’ve read on Luke’s blog that he has stopped playing ACWW. Aww, is that really your last decision Luke? I’ll miss you 😦



  1. It was a great fun!!

  2. hi!

    • Hi Krista! 😀 How have you been? 🙂

  3. Heloooo! rememba me?

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