Posted by: Mayu | May 21, 2010

Lost kitten in Bundeena

Ohh I had the lost kitten event in my town again and how rare – I had the mother Kaitlin this time! 😉

Kaitlin told me that her daughter Katy has always talked about Bundeena, the town of Rain (Teru) and wondered if she might be there…

Yes, even the mother can cry a lot, not only Katy 😛

But luckily Rain and me found a time where we could reunite them:

And here they are! 😀

A last ‘thank you’ from Katie to Rain, hooray for that ^^

Hi Rain! 😀 Thanks for the kitten, I really appriciated it 🙂 . And I hope you got a lovely present from her later 😉

Rain brought a lot of orange roses for my spare hybrid garden, aww, thanks a lot! 😀

In return I gave her my spare K.K. music 😉

We had a nice chit-chat together and…

…we also visited my newest ‘old’ neighbour Yuka, who recently moved back to my town (and who asked ME where I’ve been all the weeks, sheesh 🙄 )

Later on Nancy also dropped by and we enjoyed my (3 years old and dusty) birthday cake and tea :mrgreen:

A last pic of us in my Tabby/Bob shrine, before I had to go again.

Thanks for your visits, Rain and Nancy 😀



  1. Ah, so you see the mother/kitten cut scene too! Thanks for posting again about my visit, your pictures are so much clearer than mine :mrgreen: Sorry I haven’t commented, I left SO much work for the last couples of weeks for myself T_T

    • Oh thanks for your comment Tess, and I’ve been also VERY busy this week, I can completely understand you!! >.<

  2. […] Here is Mayu/Yuki’s account of the same day, posted a quarter of a year before mine xP […]

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