Posted by: Mayu | May 19, 2010

Golden Knight Luke defeated :P

Hooray! I had some spare time in my evening! :mrgreen:
So I was looking for open gates and found Rory, woot!

Ahh it’s so good to see you and be in London again! 😀

She showed me her new Starbucks room, how neat is that! 😮

I enjoyed her hot chocolate, so yummy! ^^

And we wondered what there’s shown on the bottle’s label. In my opinion I can see a bear’s face on the red bottle, but we both weren’t that sure about it xP.

10 minutes later Luke came to London, hi! 🙂

Haha I got the same shirt like Rory from Marina as present x3 !

Whenever I wanted to take a nice close-up pic of us, Rory was moving! ARRGH 😆

And Elo with pink bun dropped by! Luke changed into his knight costume…

An evil laughter?? 😈 You don’t mean to have…

… an axe fight!! BAM!! BAM!! xDD

Meeting the knight at the beach again… this evil grin again!! 👿

Before he could even make a move, Rory and I whacked him to ground:

Muahahaha! 😈

Luke: ‘Ugh! I give up!’
Good good! :mrgreen: Girls have won! WOOOT! :mrgreen:

(this story is just a fiction of me and doesn’t show a real report about last evening xDD )



  1. Go girls!! You’ve defeted the evil Luke!! 😀 :mrgreen:

  2. yay

  3. I did that once but it was switched around AHAHA!!!I didnt even get hit!

  4. Daniel from Oakcille of whatever is a seeder

    • ummm, do I know you??
      and your SO random cause no one cares cause im not a seeder anymore and your just trying to get attention… :/

  5. what’s in the fish bowls? :p

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