Posted by: Mayu | May 18, 2010

Hide&Seek with Elo, Lola and P!nk

I was quite happy that I’ve found some time to play in my morning 😉

So when I opened my gates, cutiness Elo stopped by for a visit! ^^

And Lola was there! Aww, I haven’t seen you for a looong time, nice to meet you again 😀

And P!nk also came to Mitsukyo, hooray! Same here, long time no see! x3

Oops, P!nk ‘accidently’ fell into a pitfall! 😛 :mrgreen:
Elo! Are you hitting her with your shovel? 😯

But luckily P!nk wasn’t hurt and is still a very sweet girl 😉

We soon decided to play hide and seek and I was waiting at the gates until all were ready 🙂

HAHA! I’ve found P!nk within a few seconds, she hid behind the next house near the gates! 😛 (well, the idea wasn’t bad, if I went to the other direction, it could have used a loooong time until I would found her xP )

Next victim! Hahahaha, that’s so obvious!

Found you Elo!! Only you were able to do this! 😛 😆 I really laughed about seeing a coelacanth hooked to my house xD

Last one: Lola behind this tree! Hooray! I’ve found them all xDD

… nice hat Elo! 😆

I knew that you needed a bath! 😛

P!nk had to go and we three also enjoyed chit-chatting.

Whoa big eyes, Blathers! 😮 Lol, no wonder, when Elo is disturbing our fossil examination talk! 😈 😉

We played indeed a VERY long time, not always actively, but around 2 hours I was definetely open, thanks for all the fun you three ^^



  1. haha^^

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