Posted by: Mayu | May 14, 2010

Yay!! Finally meeting up Rain aka Teru! :D

Woohoo, today I was able to meet up Teru from ACWW Happiness ^_^ over Wifi! 😀 I’m reading her blog for months now and we always wanted to visit each other, and today was the day where she came over with her new chara Rain! 😀

Welcome to Mitsukyo Rain and nice to meet you! x3 Haha, her name is program (ugh, might be a very Gerglish phrase lol! Do you also say nomen est omen? )because just a few minutes ago it started to rain in my town, too 😛

We started to visit my neighbours, this house was from Jay…

… but we also paid Snake a visit 🙂 . I think Rain and Snake are a nice couple, a three pink pigtailed girl and a two pink pigtailed rabbit 😛 :mrgreen:

She was shocked of Tabby’s carpet and wallpaper, tee hee!

And while Rain had a chit-chat with Vesta, I tried to have a sweet lil’ nap on her bed.

But SOMEONE was disturbing me! 👿 😆

Mwah! At least my Vesta is kind to me! 😛

Ewww, put your cold nose off my face, Big Top! xP

Later on I had another visitor, it was Victoria! Hii! 😀

And Rain looked quite amused about my Pikmins 😉

We had a nice talking about our different school systems and when Victoria had to go, we decided to go to Rain’s town Bundeena to have a quick shop at her Nookway, so that she’ll get Nookingtons soon.

But about this I’ll tell you in my next post 😉



  1. Thanks so much again for opening up your town and then coming to buy something from Nook’s for me! :mrgreen:

    So that’s what you meant by “your name is program”! I didn’t understand it at all! xD
    According to Wikipedia, you could translate it as “the name is a sign” (and “omen” is an English word too anyway :P) So now I understand what you mean 😀 Speaking of which, it’s raining so much (in real life) here at the moment x_x

    • Ohh ok, now I’m also a little wiser, I didn’t know that it was just a foolish German to English translated phrase xP.
      And it was really fun having you over!! 😀

  2. Can you order me a Pikmins please, Mayu? They seem so cool but if you can’t order them because they’re rare or whatever it’s fine. 🙂

    • there non-orderable. the only way to get them is to go the the event which was a couple of years ago. i went and got mine.

      • You’re playing this game for several years now? How long have you been playing it? And how did that work at the event? I mean, what did you have to do to get them all? I always wondered how they doing this, please tell me 😀

    • Like Daniel said, they can be only cheated nowadays. I’ll ask my son if he can do that for you 😉

      • Thanks, Mayu! You’re so kind. :mrgreen:
        What’s your son’s Friend Code?

        • No problem at all Tess. Oh, and my son doesn’t play ACWW for months now and I don’t think he’ll come back that soon, but when you look on my FC list, he’s Noni from Nilo ni 😉

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