Posted by: Mayu | May 14, 2010

My first trip to Bundeena

So I took my 1 minute trip to Australia (lol!) and finally I got through the gates:

Hooray, I’m in Bundeena now! 😀 Cool reindeer flag, Rain! 😀 It reminded me of a German ‘Schnaps’ made of herbs called Jägermeister (Click here to see a pic of it)

I went straight to Nook to buy this clock for Rain ^^

And outside I’ve met her finally lol! Sorry for rushing away from the gates when you tried to find me xP

I had some minutes left and I wanted to stroll over her town before I had to go ;). Here I’m at her house, she was very busy and almost got the last expansion! 😮 Well done! 🙂

The main room is beautiful arranged with snowman wallpaper and carpet together with regal furniture set, so nice! 😀 Along the wall there were a lot of neighbour’s pic.

But the right room offered even LOADS more of neighbour’s pic, haha! Awesome!

I liked this room a lot, a very colourful mush-room! 😀

And I laughed about these gyroids, who were worshipping the candle xDD. The wallpaper and floor look so cool with this space pattern 😮

Some pics of outside, here we’re standing at Pierce’s house, I just love the eagles and had to visit him! x3 But I didn’t take a pic of him, why the heck didn’t I take one?? xP

Bundeena is full of flowers and this was a very lovely spot near the museum.

But also this colourful area is adorable! ~♥

After this I had to go, thanks so much for the great fun today, Teru! 😀
You can also read her post about this day on her blog, pls check it out:



  1. WOAH! She has a lot of pics… unless she collected them that would be so hard. DX I only have one and it took me 5 months. XD

  2. Wow, it’s cool to see my town in German! 😀

    Ahh! And it looks like you’ve got Kaitlin now xP Do you? I found the adorable little Katie in my town this morning and she’s crying for her “MMAAAWWWMMEEEE” 😛

    • Oh I have? Sorry I couldn’t play much in the last few days and today I’ve got Redd in my town, so no kitten either xP. Let’s try to meet up thursday or Friday your evening to reunite them 😉

      • Ooh, you’re really okay to WiFi on one of those days? That would be awesome! I never thought I would be able to unlock the lost kitten items xD
        But that’s funny we don’t have mother and kitten at the same time 😕 That’s normal, right? 😛

        • Yes whenever Redd or an event like fleamarket or fishing tourney is there, the mother or the kitten will disappear, so that’s normal 😉
          How about meeting up Thursday 11AM my time again, like last time ? 🙂

          • Oh bummer… if that’s the case with Redd, I have a problem with Thursday because Thursday is when Redd comes! =_=
            Do you think Katie will disappear if I time-travel to avoid Redd?

            Unfortunately this particular Friday evening I have to look after somebody’s dogs at their house, but if you’re free at all would it be possible to Wifi a bit earlier, like maybe 10:30am your time?

            • Yes ok, let’s do it on Friday 10.30AM then! 😀 Better don’t time travel, your precious flowers might be gone and we can’t reunite mother and kitten at all after that 😉

              • I was thinking of time travelling backwards, but if you say Friday is fine, then great! ^_^

                • Yay, see you on Friday! 😀

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