Posted by: Mayu | May 14, 2010

Madame Sunfish

In the evening I had a lot of fun in Rory’s town London ^^

This blurry (ugh) picture shows Rory at the left and the mohawk girl Elo at the gates lol!

Rory wanted to show me something…

… and that was this awesome tower of Pisa, which she got as a present from Julia. 😀 Awww that’s so nice from her! But… it looks really dangerous and your TV might crash! 😯 EEK!

I relaxed in Rory’s hammock in her garden…

and enjoyed the colours in her fruit room! This room matches Miki’s hair! xD
(but my shirt doesn’t!!)

Daniel was there, too. Elo and he were each chewing a red rose, yuck!

So that’s what ‘Living in a box’ means… 😛 😆

😮 oh no! A Roryelo monster appeared in London!! But it looked harmless xD.

Later on when Wifi crashed, Rebecca came instead of Daniel, hii! 😀

Oh wow! Did Pelly nail an ocean sunfish at the bulletin board?? 😯 Rebecca was quite surprised, too xP

It looks, like it’s a female Ocean sunfish hahaha! 😆

You may wonder, how we did this pic, but look here:

Elo stood behind me (and Rebecca gave me this beard as a present before, lol)…

…and were showing her ocean sunfish while she’s ghostwalking into me xP!

It was really a funny moment 😆

Thanks for the nice evening 😉

PS: That’s Rory’s report about this evening, have a check 😉 : The girls power, the hide n seek, KK and the attic



  1. i’m not chewing on a red rose, i thought it would be classified as “romantic”. 😕 😕

    • oh sorry when I hurt your feelings 😦

  2. mayu she diddnt give you a beard! it was a moustache! DER!

    • Ohh right 😆 !
      In German we always say ‘beard’ to it so I think I’ve just messed it up xP

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