Posted by: Mayu | May 13, 2010

Girl’s evening

Today I’ll show you mainly group pics, but I hope you don’t mind 😉

Here I’ve visited Julia in her town Zychowo but we soon decided to go to Mitsukyo, because she also wanted to meet some new people 😉

And Rory came soon after I opened the gates, hii! 😀

I’ve got a new neighbour, it’s Jay from Mbro ^^ (thanks Rory for telling me the name, I couldn’t remember it at all xP )

The shy girl is Elo, haha 😆

All have different eyes and hair colours, but it’s only me who has pigtails, grrr! xDD

We played hide&seek and it was great fun ^^. I hid myself behind this tree, but Rory found me quickly! Sheesh! lol

Later on Julia had to go, but Rebecca (with brown pigtails) came instead. It was great to play with you again, Julia, thx for the fun!

He he, I think Rebecca is really cute here! :3 ~♥

While Elo gave us a lot of different shirts, we had a nice fashion show! 😀

Hope to see you all again!! 😉



  1. Hey y’all! I love your diary and pics! I play ACWW everyday, but thought that no one played it anymore, (since it came out in 2005!) was wondering if I could get your FC and we could hang out sometime! Do you have chatrules? Oh, right sorry! I’m Ben. I live in California! Anyways, if ya could get back to me that’d be great!

    • Hi Ben, thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂
      Just give us your FC and I’m sure that people will add you ^^. You can also add my chara Miki, her FC you can find on the “My ACWW stats” page.

      • Aww, thnx so much! I got your FC and Miki’s too, and I’ll have my FC for ya soon. (Sorry, my wi-fi is down atm…) BTW I have Jay’s pic, do you want it, or are you going get it by yourself? Also, just one more question, do you use and AR? I never do, and I just wanted to know! Thnx again. ~Ben

        • No I don’t use AR, but I also don’t have anything against it as long they don’t use seeds to destroy towns!
          And thanks for Jay’s pic offer, but I think I want to earn it by myself, thanks anyway 😉

  2. Lol cool another Mbro town like mine mines Mbro

    • hm?? That’s your Mbro!! Jay moved from your town to mine!! xPP 😆

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