Posted by: Mayu | May 12, 2010

Glowing weed

It was a busy evening with lots of my friends again, woot! 😀

It started with Rebecca coming to my town, hii! You look so pretty today! ^^

She’s hoping to get my Mallary, as she has packed her stuff and is going to move tomorrow. I’ll visit Rebecca first when Mallary is gone, that she has the chance to get her 😉 . (But Rebecca, you shouldn’t visit other towns after that, or having another visitor when I brought her, because then Mallary is going to be given away again 😛 )

Then we went over to Rebecca’s town and Luke and Elo also visited her. Yay!

Isn’t this a wonderful room in Rebecca’s house? I liked it a lot. Unfortunately I’ve hidden the cute pond behind me with my big head 😛 …

Ohhh, is this a green jelly pond? 😮 😆

We gathered together at townhall to have a group pic. From left to right it’s Luke, Elo, Rebecca and me. Elo! Do you always choose the tiniest place to stand? xP

Another nice group pic at the beach, again very squeezed! haha

After that Rebecca had to go and we decided to go to Luke’s town Mbro.

YAAAY! He has got the glowing tree code activated again! 😀

Cool, a glowing weed! :mrgreen:
Rory at the right front (covered by the time stamp, ugh) filled Luke’s town and I was very glad to meet her up again, ESPECIALLY because Wifi was very good tonight and didn’t crash at all 😉 (the last tries to meet up Luke and Rory together ALWAYS ended up in Wifi crash, meeeh! 😦 )

Elo was busy to plant everywhere hacked trees and the rest of us were watching her, tee hee! 😉

Weird glowing sparkling cedar, lol!

AHH! While Elo is putting this peach tree in front of her feet, the tree pushed Luke away from this spot xP. Several times we had suddenly a tree in front of our faces, very surprising xDD.

Haha, Rory bought the same shirt as me, aww we look nice! 😀

Luke’s Angels? 😆 😛

Then I had to go off for a short time… when I came back I saw this situation:

HEEEEYYY!! What’s that?!? 😈
I laughed about it a lot, Elo planted cedars around me and I was standing in between them xDD. HELP! I can’t get out!! 😆

Phew, finally I can breathe again 😛 Thanks for the help, girls!

While we had a little fishing contest (who is going to catch the smallest fish) I saw this beautiful coloured clover! 😀

No, I didn’t intend to take a photo of Elo with a fish but I wanted to show you this strange river! I don’t know if you can see it, but the river had two directions, one from the left and one from the right and they both come together in front of this line between Rory and me 😉

Tadaaa! You can’t see it on this pic, but Luke won with a Killifish 😉

That was a great evening! 😀



  1. why did you delete my comment? I just told you who seeded me 😦 😥

    • Have you seen him doing that? It’s weird that you come with this now when it happened already 1 week ago, you should have said that at that time, and not now, when you see some hackers on this post.
      I don’t like it very much when people accuse others without any proof.

      • how can i give you proof? I have no camera 😦
        we’ll see if he seeds another town then thats proof
        i said it now and not earlyer because i didnt want to be a tattletale

        • Daniel stop doing that, stop acusing others. just stop.

          • Fine, dont belive me. But if he seeds someone else, you’ll know i’m not lying.

        • Ok, I trust him because he never seeded my friends or me but as you’re so sure about it I would suggest, that you don’t add him to your roster again! Also say to your sister not to add him! I don’t want to hear the same problem from her again!

  2. Glowing weed xd

  3. Hi Mayu, do you know a cheat to get heaps of colorful flowers in my town?

    • I don’t know if there is a cheat, but buy flowers from Nook every day and plant flowers of the same kind next to each other. e.g. Red rose & White rose makes Pink rose

      • thanks i’ll try that

        • Your welcome 😀

  4. Huhu Mayu 😉
    Wie geht’s uns denn? Sorry, habe nicht mehr seit langem kein Kommentar mehr geschrieben, war voll beschäftigt, wegen schule und Freunde 😉 Es ist toll zu sehen, dass du immer noch mit deinem Blog weiter machtst und du noch AC:WW spielst 🙂 Schade, dass ich kein DS mehr haben, ich würde gerne wieder spielen wollen -.-
    So ich werde mich bald wieder melden, wenn es was neues gibt 😉 man sieht sich

    Dein Christian a.k.a Nico 🙂

    • Hii Nicoooo! 😀
      Schön, von dir wieder zu hören und ich freu mich, dass es dir wohl gut geht 🙂
      Mir geht’s auch sehr gut, zwar viel beschäftigt, da wir bald ein Haus bauen wollen, aber sonst gut ^^.
      Ui, hast du deinen DS verkauft? xD Na ja, hast ja bestimmt genug andere Hobbys 😉
      Bis bald hoffentlich mal wieder 🙂

  5. Hey just wanted to let u know i love ur blogs! I would ask if we could get together with friends code but i cant ive been trying to get a friend code for a while now to be exagt since i got the game (yeaaarrs ago when i was young lol im still young tho 🙂 )

    • Sadly this blog hasn’t been active for years :c

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