Posted by: Mayu | May 11, 2010

Another fun evening with Meow, Annie, Nancy and Jo

It’s Yuki’s evening and I opened my gates at 8PM.

Meow was my first visitor, I’m always looking forward to her visit ^^
Tee hee, you have a cute eye, Meow 😉

Whoa, look! Snake is kissing with wide open eyes! 😯 😆

Messing up Vesta’s bed! 😛

I never realised that the barber pole has got a scissor with a big ‘B’ in it! 😮

Awww, Annie also came later to Mitsukyo! It’s so good to see you again! 😀 ~♥

We all relaxed by going fishing 🙂

Argh Annie, don’t bother me, let me sleep! xP 😆 Soon she had to go and Meow and I decided to visit someoneelse’s town, too 😉

Here we are in Fantasia, the town of Nancy! ^^

Aww, Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo seem to have a lot of children now! xD

Hi Nancy, you look great with the pacman pattern! 😀 She told me that Thelma’s son has created it 😉

Later on I met a new very kind lady from WWAG, it’s Jo from Windfall, nice to meet you! 😀

As you can see, she has a slight tan, it’s really pretty ^^.

Hope to see you all soon again, ladies!! 😀



  1. Great pics! Glad to see the Flamingo family thriving!

    • Thanks Kcov 😉

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