Posted by: Mayu | May 10, 2010

Visit to Oakville

This was Miki’s evening:

First I saw paige_x’s gates open but when I got in there I realised, that she has been offline 😉 . So I left a message on her bulletin board and opened instead.

Then Daniel from Oakville came over, hii! It has been a long time when we met up last time 😉

Soon he invited me to visit his town ^^:

Yay, you did a great job on your own chara pattern, it’s cute 🙂

While he was offline for a minute, I spotted this sparkling cedar. Daniel was also just chopping another one off.

He’s back again 😉

Inside his house I’ve visited his first frog ever.

And said also hello to his hamster pet ^^.

The upper room was a ‘baby room’, tee hee, I think it’s quite noisy here xD.

Then he showed me the rock seeds someone has left in his town. Awww! 😦
When you need help to deseed them, give me a hint, Daniel, I’m sure my son can help you.

Well, Wifi crashed after this and I’ve visited Rory’s town after this, where it crashed another time 😦
The only other pictures I could take of was in Luke’s town:

Luke with pink hair, wow, that looks not bad! 😉

And Rory came through, woot! 😀 But we three together in one town has been really difficult in the past few days and yes, after a few minutes Wifi crashed another time, meeeeh! 😦

Thanks for the nice evening @ all ^^


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